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Wellness Our Birthright


Does your baby deserve the best?  Confronted from all directions with confusing and often conflicting information. What to eat in pregnancy? When to come off the pill? How to deal with trouble conceiving, or coping with fear of the pain?


All these questions and more are answered in this single reliable source, which shows how having a healthy baby influences our future health and that producing children is a natural, beautiful process.


Written in everyday language, Wellness Our Birthright simplifies the whole issue of preparing for and increasing the chances of having a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth and a happy, healthy baby as well as bringing understanding to the issues surrounding natural childbirth. It looks at the health and wellbeing of both parents, starting from before the point of conception and takes you easily through all the major steps of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early motherhood.


You will learn about the profound effect that these steps have on a baby throughout its entire life and how important it is to have a healthy environment, physically, mentally and emotionally. As result, you will see birth as the natural process it can be, rather than the highly interventionist event it has unfortunately become and thus make your own informed choices about what is best for all concerned.

“Never underestimate the importance of knowledge and sound advice when embarking on the journey of motherhood. This book is simply and truly inspirational.”

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“Human beings have difficult births compared with other mammals, but Nature has found solutions to overcome these handicaps. Read this illuminating book, Wellness Our Birthright, to discover these solutions for yourself. This is a comprehensive but easy to read guide written for the general public.”


Dr Michel Odent, Director of Primal Health Research





“...simplifies the physical and emotional journey of wellness and pregnancy”


Stuart Korth, DO,  DPO Osteopathic centre for children

Uniquely, it deals with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of childbirth, for both mother and father, whilst always focusing on the baby’s wellness and how to give a child the best possible start in life.


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