The Consultancy


The practice was established in 1991 in London and relocated to Oxfordshire in 1998.


Most conditions benefit from Vivien’s treatments, as energy imbalances and emotional issues underpin all ill health and diseases. By working on rebalancing the energy, the body re-learns to heal itself.


Therapies include


• Energy Balancing

• Emotional Stress Release

• Homotoxicology

• Nutrition

• Naturopathy

Total Wellness


The aim is to help the Client achieve Total Wellness, allowing them to become more positive and raising their ability to heal.  About the therapies:


Energy balancing - Clearing blocked meridians and chakras.


Emotional Stress Release - A process for clearing past emotional patterning and negativity.


Homotoxicology - Looking at the cause of problems and reversing the damage and distortions due to toxins which, if unable to be eliminated correctly, establish a pattern of disease build-up and its inevitable progression. 


Nutrition - Ensuring the right foods and beverages are being consumed to balance the individual’s needs.


Naturopathy - Using other natural treatments, including hydro and respiratory therapies.