Sam Day’s Birth Story by Vivien Clere Green

There is always something really special about seeing a new baby. However, to see a mother gaze lovingly at her baby in a state of pure bliss and contentment is truly magical. This is the picture that I had the privilege of witnessing when I went to see Sam Day with her four- month old baby, Anna.


This baby has been one of the fortunate ones who has been brought into the world naturally, as nature intended, without any intervention or medication whatsoever, in the comfort and familiarity of her own home.


What does this baby, Anna, have that many don’t? An arrival into this world that maximizes the potential of her health and well-being in every way including a loving relationship with her mother - every baby’s first relationship. What we must not forget is, that with increased awareness this is possible for every baby too.


What did Sam Day do to bring this about? She had the confidence to trust in her intuition and allow her body to function according to nature’s blueprint. She gained access to the necessary information that supported her to override other people’s fears and opinions about how she should have her baby. She was told that she was in the “high risk” category for childbirth according to the conventional medical approach. It was not because she was ill or unwell, in any way whatsoever, but simply because she was in her early forties and this was her first baby. This approach usually generates fear in people and fear is the very worst emotion to trigger when it comes to childbirth. Fear actually prevents the body making the necessary chemistry to activate the birthing process.


Sam knows from the work that she and her husband, Phillip, do to help the public gain access to the truth in medicine, through the organization of Credence Publications, that you have to cut through the intellectual and marketing hype when it comes to making wise health decisions.


What happens when you follow your intuition? When we follow our intuition, circumstances always occur to help us and this is exactly what happened here. So it was that in her early pregnancy, Sam, Phillip and I all met in Malta. Phillip and I were both speaking at the same event. One of my talks just “happened to be” on the advantage of natural childbirth and how to help bring this about where my book, Wellness our Birthright – How to Give a Baby the Best Start for Life was on sale. I was only too delighted to give them a copy.

After this event, Sam and Phillip went to visit the local birth unit, to investigate where Sam was expected to have her baby. Sam told me that she “could not bring herself to have their baby in such a place” – a clinical medical environment.


It was absolutely wonderful to hear from them both how it was at this stage that they turned to my book. Sam said she read it through twice and used it daily throughout the pregnancy to check-up and assure herself that she was on the right track. My reason for writing the book was to help people gain the necessary information and understanding so that they could find the right path for themselves and this is exactly how Phillip and Sam used the book.


What was Sam’s birth experience like? Sam opted for home birth knowing there was easy access to medical facilities should anything untoward arise. She was, however, expectant of a positive outcome. Looking back on her birthing experience she recognizes that she was probably in labour for three days. No! Don’t jump to conclusions of shock and horror. At the beginning she experienced twinges “just like mild period pains” she said. There was no fear, she knew that this was her uterus contracting, gently squeezing the baby into the birth canal. She allowed herself to go with the flow, relaxed and trusted her body and her baby to settle into a comfortable rhythm. She went about her day as normally as possible, going for walks and moving in a way that helped her release the discomfort in whatever way worked at the time.


Gradually by the evening of the third day, she knew everything was hotting up and she did not sleep much. She called the midwife at 4 a.m. who, on arrival, was able to examine her in an upright position and announced that she was already 10 cms dilated. In other words, the entrance to her womb had opened, she was fully dilated. The setting was calm and serene enabling the hormone, oxytocin, to be secreted in copious supplies.


The baby started to come out into the world and then crept back into the safety and warmth of her birthing mother. The atmosphere of calm confidence spread to the baby who decided to peep out into the world again, but this time to leave the comfort of her mother’s body and be born. A truly beautiful process of teamwork where mother and baby were so in harmony with each other that there was no fear, no threatening environment, no bright lights, no noise, just an allowing, trusting atmosphere by one and all. What an achievement! What an example to others. Sam had done what most conventional medical approaches deny women – the right to have her baby in her own home even though she was in the “high risk” category.


Now let us ask what is the outcome of this success? A contented, happy mother (with not a single stretch mark!), a baby who hardly ever cries and who is easy and placid in every way and the consequence of this is that positive foundations are laid for all future relationships including nurturing and taking care of herself – in other words maximizing the potential for a happy and healthy start to her journey in this life. What more could a baby or its parents, indeed all of us, ask?